My Practice
My current fee is $180 for a 50 minute session.  I require at least 24 hours for a cancellation in order to not be charged for a missed session (some emergencies excepted). For payment, I accept check, cash, credit cards, HSA cards, Zelle, and PayPal.  I don't accept third party payments from insurance, and I am not a provider for any insurance carrier.  PPO insurance plans may provide you with reimbursement, and I can create statements to submit for that purpose. 

I offer the options of in-person, video or phone sessions.  Currently, I am not seeing people in my office due to the Corona virus pandemic.  I can send a Zoom or Google link to conduct sessions, or if you have a preferred platform, I will work with that as well.
I am an advocate of all committed relationships, having worked with couples, individuals,
and families of all kinds. I've worked with individuals on coming out to parents, children, and extended family    
I have experience in working with people through transitioning, including mental adjustments, social adjustments, professional adjustments, and reconciling losses and gains. 
I am experienced in working with the many different cultures that comprise the population of the Bay Area. I encourage my clients to educate me about what is important for me to know about them and their culture.
Among others, I've worked with people from the following cultures: Japanese, Chinese, Filipino,
Indian, Iranian, Russian, Hispanic, African American,  Italian and Eastern European. 
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