About Therapy

A Good Enough Fit
Therapy requires a number of things from both the client and the therapist to be successful. 
The intangible yet obvious chemistry between the client and therapist is essential. 
It's okay to say no if the fit doesn't feel right, or to give yourself time to evaluate it. 
Often, interviewing a few therapists is a good approach before committing.

Consider these questions:

The Client
Are you ready to go where the work will take you?
Do you have the time and resources to commit?
Are you willing to be honest and forthcoming?
Are you committed to taking what's learned outside of the therapy room?
Can you tolerate short-term discomfort to reach your goals?
Can you be humble and willing to learn, explore, and experiment?

The Therapist
Does the therapist communicate in ways you understand and relate to?
Do you feel empathy and caring from the therapist?
Does the therapist challenge as well as support?
Does the therapist have enough knowledge and experience to be helpful?
Does the therapist behave appropriately and have good boundaries?

 Monitoring Therapy Effectiveness
Is the contract for what is to be worked on clear and measurable?
Do you and the therapist talk about how well it seems to be working and what might work better?
Have you spoken up about things that bother you and asked for what you want before moving
onto another therapist?
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